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Bury St Edmunds Ballet School:

Terms & Conditions


By requesting a place on a course run by Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.  

Health Issues

Please talk to us about any physical or emotional issues that your child may be experiencing before the start of a class, however insignificant they may seem.  

If your child has any complex and/or ongoing physical issues, please discuss this with me before you start attending classes, and provide medical documentation as may be necessary.  

Learning Issues​

If your child has any learning issues, please discuss this with us before registering to ensure the group is suitable for your child.  We enjoy working with all types of learning abilities, and this is always the most successful when we work together with parents.



All students are expected to behave in such a way as not to disrupt the class, and to be respectful and considerate to everyone at all times


You will be emailed a link to an online registration form.  Please fill this in and submit it before you/your child attends the next class.  You are only required to register once. However, If any information changes (e.g. you change mobile phone number), please email with the updated information


Parents do not attend classes with their children and should remain outside in the waiting area for the duration of the class.  We understand that some children may take some time to adjust, and we always work with the child and parent to ease this process.

You will be invited to a ‘watching week’, usually the last class at the end of the term.  You will be able to see how your child has progressed and this will help support their performance skills.



If your child is unable to attend a class, please either text or email

Mobile Phone Number:              07907 469 636

Email Address: or

If you know that your child is unable to attend a class, please contact us in advance.  Where possible, we will arrange a make-up class.


All new starters are encouraged to take a non-obligation trial of their chosen class. If they decide to enrol in the class, the trial class will be included in their invoice. However, is you decide dance isn't for you - you won't be charged. 

For students enrolling midway through term, the invoice will be deducted accordingly. 

Students will be invoiced termly via email, siblings will be invoiced together.

Fees are paid termly, not as individual classes.

Fees are not refundable, but they are transferable within the same term - if an appropriate class is available. If a student misses a class - please contact the office to see if there is the opportunity to make-up the class. 

Fees are not transferable between terms.

A course is normally a full term. Fees are due on the first day of each course (or from the second session if a student is new) and are payable in full for the whole course.  If this is a problem, please discuss with me before your child starts attending classes. In some circumstances, It may be possible for an alternative arrangement to be made


If fees are not paid by the 2nd week of term with no explanation, a 10% late fee may be added. In popular classes, a student is also at risk of losing their place in the class.


Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School is passionate about offering classes to students from all types of financial situations, and believes that money should not be a barrier. If a family is experiencing financial hardship, or are struggling to pay the invoice in full. They are encouraged to contact the office so that an appropriate payment plan can be arranged. 

​If a class is cancelled, a make-up class will be scheduled or a refund/credit offered.

Giving Notice: Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School requires 6 weeks notice if a child will not be continuing a class that they were enrolled in the previous term. Otherwise, 6 weeks' fees will be charged. 

Please note that notice cannot be given for part of a term, once a student has started a course the whole terms fees will be due. 


If a student leaves a class or the school, and you do not contact Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School to inform them of this at all, then you will be charged an entire term's fees. ​


If you have any questions or concerns or wish to discuss the progress of your child, we are happy to talk to you outside of classes.  It is best to arrange an appointment to speak by phone or in person at a mutually convenient time.

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