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Branded Clothing

To celebrate our 2022 rebrand, Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School now offers branded merchandise, lovingly nicknamed "stash".

Whilst previously reluctant to contribute to the "fast fashion" problem, we have found a way to provide stash in a more environmentally friendly way.

We have teamed up with the Cambridge University Ballet Club to have our stash printed locally, and only produce what we require.

Our stash shows our beautiful logo and crest that celebrates the beauty of Bury St. Edmunds. It was designed by local artist Ian at Careful Graphics and uses our own dancers photographed by First Position Photography.



All of our stash is made to order, we open up orders once or twice termly, this stops us buying in excess and also allows us to be more environmentally friendly by only creating one order and delivery.

We will send out an email when it is time to order. Click here to browse and order.

This gives us flexibility in what we can order, dancers can order from a large variety of garments including t-shirts, vest tops, hoodies, jackets, shorts, tote bags and even branded teddy bears! Dancers can also choose the colour of their garments.

This allows our students to enjoy their individuality whilst also celebrating being a member of the Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School community!

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