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Photography & Filming Policy

This policy is regarding the recording of images and videos at events that invite an audience.

Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School expects parents and guardians to understand that dance is a group activity and that observers cannot guarantee that photos and videos will only contain their child.

Therefore, parents and guardians agree that they will not take photos or videos during performances, including shows and watching weeks, unless they are given explicit permission by the Principal. Parents and guardians understand that this is to safeguard vulnerable children in the school and to respect the rights of parents and guardians who do not wish images of their children to be shared.

Parents and guardians understand that, as the main point of contact for my child within the school, they take responsibility for informing other adults whom they invite to such public events of Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School safeguarding policy, and ask for their respect in this matter. If they are found not to be adhering to our safeguarding policy they will both be held equally accountable.

Parents and guardians understand that if they are found to be in breach of the safeguarding policy,  they may be barred from attending as an audience member. 

Parents and guardians understand that in arranging performance and public events in which their child has the opportunity to appear, the Principal of Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School assumes the safeguarding responsibility for all involved. Parents and guardians understand that she has set policies and procedures that endeavour to safeguard and protect all staff, students and parents, and they respect and support this. They accept that as the responsible safeguarding officer for the school, the Principal’s decision is final in respect of enforcement of this policy.

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