Eleanor & Rachel

Eleanor and Rachel met as students at the Royal Academy of Dance in London in 2009 and became fast friends once they discovered they lived down the road from each other! After several years of developing their individual careers, they finally began to work together permanently at Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School in 2019.

They are both passionate about making dance an inclusive and accessible practice, often challenging the unwritten rules and stereotypes surrounding ballet and advocating for the rights of all dance students to receive a safe, mindful dance education that promotes emotional wellbeing above all else. 

Both Eleanor and Rachel are subscribed to the DBS update service and details to check this can be provided upon request.



After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance in 2013, Eleanor had a successful freelance teaching career both in the UK and abroad. She has teaching qualifications with the Royal Academy of Dance, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, and Acrotrix.

She now runs Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School alongside completing her Master's in Psychology in which her dissertation topic was investigating how dance improved the emotional wellbeing of Key Stage 2 children. 

In her spare time, Eleanor enjoys hiking and wild swimming - alongside taking dance classes herself to maintain her technique.



MSc (Dance Sc.) BA (Hons) RAD:RTS 

Rachel also graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in 2013 and began her own dance school "Blackbourne School of Dance" which runs ballet classes in the Kennett area. 

Alongside teaching, choreographing, and running the office for Bury St. Edmunds Ballet School, Rachel is a qualified sports massage therapist with her own business. She completed her Masters in Dance Science in 2020 achieving a distinction in her thesis about injuries in adolescent dancers. 

Rachel has continued her dance training, including working towards her RAD Advanced 2 Ballet examination. She enjoys Tudor re-enactments in her spare time and is currently expecting her third child.